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A man who has worked with tobacco for as long as he can recall

On a warm and sunny day in Tamboril, considered to many as the cigar capital of the world, lying in the outskirts of Santiago, Dominican Republic, lies Jose Arnaldo Blanco, known to all as “Jochy”, puffing calmly on cigar. 

A man who has worked with tobacco for as long as he can recall and his unconditional love and passion for it is obvious to all.

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Jochy Blanco

José “Jochy” Blanco is one of the most important pieces of the tobacco industry of the Dominican Republic, his years of experience in the harvest of high quality tobacco and creation of premium blends have led him to be one of the most successful producers in the world.

Premium Aged Tobacco

Our tobacco comes from the best lands of the Dominican Republic, tobacco harvested in the Tabacalera Palma farms under the best quality standards.

Consistency Blends

The consistency in our blends comes from good tobacco, the effort of our rollers and the proper aging that we provide to our cigars.

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